Every single person on this earth belongs to Nature Herself. Every single person reflects the profound and innumerable qualities of Nature in a unique way. At Seasonal Color Consultants, we will shine a light on that Union, through Color.

Surrounded by one of the largest Color Labs known to man, here at Seasonal Color Consultants, we take time with you to determine which Colors best express your truest Self. We watch. We listen. We find the most effective Colors to highlight your natural authority, reveal your innate personal power, and support your unique way of being. At the end of the session, we reveal your Season. Your Seasonal Harmony informs the way your Color is focused into your clothing and accessories, through Texture and Line-of-Design. You cannot know your Colors without also knowing your Season. They work hand-in-hand.

Seasonal Color Analysis is person-centered, not category-centered. It relies on the Color Consultant’s ability to receive and perceive, not reduce and define.

Cathy Williams, expert Seasonal Color Consultant, in her Color Lab with a client, using the Suzanne Caygill Method

Cathy Williams, expert Color Analyst, in her Color Lab

What our Seasonal Color Analysis isn’t:

This is not the cheap and quick Seasonal Analysis that took our culture by storm in the 80’s – or the pre-made “Seasonal” or “Tonal” color palettes that are massively marketed today.

There are no recipes, no short-cuts and no 12- or 16-categories in a true Seasonal Color Consultation. Your Colors cannot be solely determined with an online quiz or a Warm/Cool test.

True Seasonal Color Analysis does not put you in a Seasonal box with a pre-determined group of Summer Colors, Spring Colors, Winter Colors or Autumn Colors. These pre-made color palettes can easily cause inner-dissonance and a disassociation from self, which is the exact opposite of what Seasonal Color Analysis accomplishes.

If a Color Analyst tells you that the Seasonal Color Theory doesn’t work for everyone, then she doesn’t understand it – and she certainly cannot deliver it. 

It is not old-fashioned. For the Consultants who have stayed true to the principles of Seasonal Analysis, it has become more refined and more powerful than ever. 


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The Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

In the right Colors, your Soul ignites.

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