A Spring Emerges!

I was going to write today’s blog on the importance of personalized Seasonal connection. We are not stereotypes. We are not meant to live inside a box of someone else’s Seasonal definition. This goes for Color, Style and Line-of-Design.

Denise Lampron recently came to us for Color, our Next Level Style service and a follow-up Look Book session. After receiving this beautifully written testament from her, I’ve decided to let her tell her own story.

“Not all Springs are created equal, but I didn’t realize it until my recent color and style journey with Cathy Williams and Joan Kosmachuk. For those of you that know me from the Color and Style community, this may sound strange to hear. So bear with me as I share my intimate tale of becoming a Spring.

“I grew up watching Doris Day and other Spring actresses in the 50’s and 60’s. They were bouncy, buoyant and the “life of the party.” I admired and appreciated their joie de vivre and sense of fun, knowing that could NEVER be me. Fast-forward 50 years, as I sat in the sun-filled Color Lab of Cathy Williams, I was about to learn something that would change my relationship to color and style forever.

Cathy’s Color Lab

“Cathy’s Color Lab is a feast for the eyes — every color imaginable smiles back at you and engages your curiosity. Oh, will that one be mine? Will SHE show up on my palette? What if that gorgeous red lands with me? And that green, say it is so!  I was almost overcome in the midst of such color beauty and energy. Cathy began with my skin tone. She took her time. I appreciated the diligence and focus. Immediately the “quality” of the fabric caught my eye.  It was luminous.  The white Cathy and Joan chose was an opalescent seed pearl. The formal black was light, decorative and sheer. The metallics were a shimmering soft, pale gold.

“When Cathy and Joan completed my palette, my eyes gazed over a landscape of colors that danced in their own light. They were elegant, yet simple. I felt the soft, uplifted energy of these colors. There was aliveness to the colors. I could envision myself in these colors. Cathy and Joan explained how important it was for my colors to support me, not the other way around, which I had been doing for years.  It was the combination of these fresh colors and the luminosity of the fabrics that converted me, convinced me, encouraged me and allowed me to embrace the Spring line-of-design. I am an Orchid Spring.

From Swatches to Assembled Spring Palette

“Although I had been typed a Spring in the past, I was never able to make the leap from Doris Day to Denise Lampron. How was that possible? The architecture of the Spring was never really defined for me in a way I could take in and embrace. At a Spring event many years ago, I remember telling a woman I was a Spring.  Her response: “Oh, I didn’t know Springs could have brown eyes.” The Spring designation seemed to always elude me.  And, being an introvert didn’t help matters. I needed guidelines that I didn’t have and couldn’t find. Denise wasn’t bouncy. Denise wasn’t the life of the party. Then how could I be a Spring? 

“Three weeks later, I was again in Cathy’s sunlit Color Lab, this time for my NEXT LEVEL STYLE Look Book session. What I learned that day made a remarkable difference in how I see and use my colors, along with the best approach to my style. The raw edges, handmade scarves, tunics, heavy vests and wide leg pants seemed visually heavy for my slender frame. They eclipsed my lightness of spirit. Dull, flat, gray colors I “pushed away.” Bold, too-bright colors didn’t work either. I saw how distinctly my skin tone wants to be honored with colors that are effortless; how my neck almost feels graceful without a necklace. That my feet can hold a colorful surprise as the eye moves down my body. That less is more and allows for my presence. That wearing three colors in one outfit is the style-right of this spring woman!  Soon, a full suitcase was reviewed and emptied – and my best pieces were a delight-filled handful.

I always felt something was missing in my previous style, rich with fabrics, texture and accessories. All along it was I. My Spring self.

Denise in Nature

“Cathy referred to my palette as Fresh Wisdom. It feels deeply honoring and acknowledging at this stage in my life. At 66 years old, I am claiming my wisdom. To think of wisdom as fresh is a beautiful concept that will continue to inspire me. 

“Admittedly, I am still drawn to non-Spring styles. Perhaps I will always be. The difference is that now, when I put on something that is too visually heavy for me, I can feel myself disappear. My lightness leaves. I re-focus, turn my attention to my beautiful, light, fresh Orchid Spring palette and reach for something that uplifts me. A Michael Stars shine tank in coral. A pair of teal dupioni silk pants. Sam Edelman Felicia Flats in animal print.  Anthropologie peacock green cropped pants with a tender spring green tank top and colored sandals. 

A couple of outfits from the Look Book Session

“There is something special about people who don’t quite fit into the description, the box, and the stereotype. It means we must dig a bit deeper to understand ourselves and harness the courage to be who we are. We must take a stand for that self-expression.  It means I’m OK not looking like or being the “Doris Day” style Spring. 

“Elevated Simplicity is my new mantra. When I look in the mirror, I want to see myself and think, FUN!  It took me 10 years to find my Spring self.  When the student is ready, the teachers will appear! I’m very grateful to Cathy and Joan.”

Denise Lampron

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