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I belong to a powerful lineage of Color Consultants.

Cathy Williams, expert Seasonal Color Consultant, in her Color Lab

Cathy Williams, expert Color Analyst, in her Color Lab

I first met Suzanne Caygill when I had my palette done as a teenager. Her grand salon in downtown San Francisco was filled with the energy of enthusiastic staff, excited clients and, of course, endless Color. She held court in the center of it all, choosing one client at a time to step forward and sit before her. Suzanne then used her outer and inner sight to create a Seasonal Color Palette unique to each person. 

Suzanne Caygill, originator of Seasonal Color Analysis

Suzanne Caygill

I had always been a beige girl. That day, Suzanne Caygill gave me gorgeous Deep Royal Purple and rich Rose, Luscious Mink Brown, English Red and Celadon Green. It was overwhelming to be seen in this way, through Color. My life was changed. My path was altered – and, little did I know, I would be chosen to carry on Suzanne Caygill’s legacy many years later.

After seeing Suzanne Caygill, I began to look at all people through the lens of Color and Seasonal Nature. I saw that humans inherently belong to Nature and reflect Her with every movement, color and sound they make. I attended Art School in San Francisco; my focus on Color Studies and Figure Painting. I continued my exploration of my own Colors, and studied every person I met.

Cathy Williams and Lois Marlow Scott in their San Jose Color Lab using the Suzanne Caygill Method of seasonal Color Analysis

Cathy Williams & Lois Marlow Scott

Ten years later, I was introduced to Lois Marlow. She had worked by Suzanne Caygill’s side, as her right-hand woman and dear friend, for 30 years. By the time I met Lois, she was doing Color Analysis in San Jose. I made an appointment with her for a Palette Update. 

Lois’s Color Lab (the expertly curated selection of thousands of Color swatches we use to make a Palette) was even more impressive than Suzanne Caygill’s. As Lois did my Palette, I swooned in the presence of so much beautiful Color. My mouth watered. My heart opened.

In the following months, I brought many a friend, relative and stranger to see Lois, so I could watch her work. Lois did much more than match Colors to a client’s hair, skin and eyes. She seemed to look into the very core of the person to source most of their Colors and their Season. I realized that I was in the presence of something remarkable and profound. At the end of each appointment, the person’s Season was announced. Lois was always adamant that she did not know her client’s Season when the appointment started. She felt that the Season revealed itself during the session and its announcement was not to be rushed. To illustrate the power of the Seasonal Harmony, Lois would next find a picture from Nature. It could be an ocean sunset or a snow-shrouded river or a garden of flowers. She would hold the picture up next to the person. We could all see that the person and the picture were a match.

Autumn Colors using the Suzanne Caygill method

Using the Caygill Method addresses Color & Energy

Some time later, Lois became my Mentor and Teacher. Through the years we worked together, she shared her profound knowledge of Color and Season with me, teaching me how to find the right Colors and determine the true Season of every person, using the Suzanne Caygill Method.

Lois and I worked together up until her passing in the Spring of 2017. Before she left us, Lois chose me as her successor, leaving me her extensive Color Lab, knowing I would carry on the authentic Seasonal Color Analysis (which is so rare today). This Color Lab is one of the largest of its kind, originally sourced from Suzanne Caygill’s own Color Lab and lovingly refined and expanded with Lois’s expert eye. 

Summer Color Palette, using the Suzanne Caygill Method

Summer Color Palette

My Color Lab now, here in Soquel, has tens of thousands of Colors in it, all mounted on Color Boards, encircling the room in Color glory. My clients are surrounded by a Color Universe, with countless shades, tints and tones. 

Every single expert Color Consultation results in a 100% custom Color Palette, unique to the person it reflects. When done well, the Color Consultation changes a life. It supports a life, enhances a life, even heals a life. 


This is the deep, authentic, mystical way of seeing each person’s unalterable connection to the natural world – through Color. 

Expert Seasonal Color Analyst, Cathy Williams, Suzanne Caygill Method

Cathy Williams

It is my greatest honor and passion to carry on this powerful legacy. 


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