Aging in Color; the Secret Power of Being Yourself

I was recently a guest blogger on Denise Lampron’s website blog, Greying Goddess. I am reposting “Aging in Color” below.

Denise is an advocate for aging well. She is committed to changing the paradigm on women and aging. What’s even more, Denise walks her talk. She stands in her own light and she shines.



You might think that, as you age, clothing and style don’t matter as much as they once did. Perhaps you have gotten accustomed to a certain way of dressing and you’ve stopped taking an interest in current fashion. Or, it might be that you’re so busy looking after everyone else that you barely notice what you’re wearing or why you’re wearing it. Perhaps you’re no longer sure how to dress the body you now see in the mirror, having given up on the idea that you can look great in the body you have, at the age that you are.


Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, it doesn’t feel good to wear clothing that’s not right for you. When you wear colors that clash with your natural self, it’s draining. When you’re wearing styles that combat your inherent energy, it’s exhausting.


We hear many women talking about becoming invisible as they age. They think that their youth is gone and, with it, the attention they were accustomed to receiving. As a result, the woman in the mirror becomes an easy target for criticism.


Hear this: it’s not your age that’s making you invisible. It’s not wrinkles and gray hair that make you fade out. It’s pretending to be other than you are that makes you disappear. When you’re not dressing in the color and design that aligns with you, there is a visual and psychological disharmony that happens. This disharmony drains you, hides you, and eclipses who you authentically are. It is this misalignment that makes you invisible to people around you.


Unless you live in a nudist colony, you are wearing color and style every day. Whether you’re in sweats or a business suit, the color and style of every single thing you put on your body is constantly communicating. What do you imagine your current wardrobe is saying? What would you want it to say?


Any fabulous outfit highlights how you look AND how you feel. The great thing about Seasonal Color & Style is that it addresses how you look and how you feel at the same time. Getting dressed becomes not so much about being in “style,” but is much more about being authentic. When you are authentic, you are visible  — no matter how many years old you are.


At the core, alignment with yourself is where the power is. The key to discovering this power is to know who you are  — and then figure out how to translate it into clothing (we are experts at this). After the work is done, getting dressed becomes an easy way to simultaneously look great and be yourself. We think, with such power at your fingertips every day of your life, you’d want to know how to wield it.

Knowing which colors belong to you and which styles express and flatter you is self-centering, in the best way. It’s about delighting your body and mind with color and style lines that make you glow, from the inside out. When you know the unique selection of colors and styles that make your soul sing, you are aligned from the inner to the outer – and you feel terrific.


Seasonal Color & Style is the new fountain of youth. Looking great becomes effortless when your closet is full of clothing that is right for you. You will look and feel fabulous at every age, at any price point, all day long.


At Seasonal Color Consultants, our clients tell us they love the experience of feeling good in their skin, of feeling great in their colors, and looking fabulous in their clothes. They are experiencing an inner ease and an outer enthusiasm, from boardroom to home office, from date night to lunch with friends.


Has aging has zapped your confidence? Consider having a Seasonal Color & Style Consultation. You will look better. You will feel better. And, most importantly, you will discover the secret power of being yourself.

Cathy Williams



One thought on “Aging in Color; the Secret Power of Being Yourself

  1. Denise

    Thank you for this sensitive as insightful blog. Continuing to show up in our beautiful harmonious colors and wearing clothing that flatters our precious bodies is a huge key to looking and feeling terrific as we age. I’m in!


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