“COLOR, The Essence of You” by Suzanne Caygill

Suzanne Caygill published COLOR, The Essence of You in 1980. It was to be the master tome of all things Seasonal Color Analysis.

For a free download of this book, click on the cover.

Suzanne Caygill moved into Lois (Marlow) Scott’s house for almost a month. Together they worked for long hours, gathering up all pertinent information for each Season. 

Lois kept the original manuscript that she typed. It was placed carefully in a box in her Color Lab. She was very proud of it – and very proud to have worked with Suzanne Caygill in its development. 

Suzanne Caygill, Seasonal Color Analysis, Color Analysis

Lois Marlow-Scott and Suzanne Caygill

The book was originally offered in the early 1980’s at a whopping $65. Many of Suzanne’s confidantes at the time tried to dissuade her from publishing such a highly priced book, but she would have none of it. She wanted it big. She wanted it image-rich. And so it was. 

There was an initial printing, but not any subsequent ones. The books have become somewhat challenging to find and are currently selling from $200-$400. 

Through a very generous donation of both time and money from Michaelin Remy (and her husband, Dave) COLOR, The Essence of You is now available as a free download. If you would like a copy, click here.

Suzanne Caygill, Color Analysis,

Suzanne Caygill at work



Although the book is very wordy (sometimes overly so), it’s a lot of fun to read about the Seasons from the woman who brought Seasonal Color Analysis to the world. There’s a lot of information in it; sometimes clearly written and sometimes somewhat hidden. This was the way Suzanne wanted it (as told to me by Lois).

Seasonal Color Analysis has certainly evolved since the 1980’s (and devolved in some cases). But I love that everyone has access, now, to its beginning. 

Again, if you would like a free copy of COLOR, The Essence of You, click here. You will be taken to the Cornell University archives and can download it from there.


For a copy of our fabulous free e-Book, An Introduction to Seasonal Color Analysis, click here.

2 thoughts on ““COLOR, The Essence of You” by Suzanne Caygill

  1. John Spahn

    I worked for Suzanne from 1968-1970. I was age 18-20. I drove her from San Francisco to Beverly Hills and Bel Air California to visit clients. I helped her set up displays in Northern California and Southern California. After her husband died in La I drove his 67 Chrysler to her home in San Mateo. She was a wonderful and kind women. When I escorted her to the door of a client in Beverly Hills I couldn’t believe what I saw. The woman who opened the door wore makeup and clothing colors that matched her car, house, and and interior design. She was born in 1911 and is included in my book The Girl From Missouri, the story of actress Jean Harlow. Back then she was known as Susan Gentry

    1. Cathy Williams Post author

      Great story, John. That’s how it was! Clothing, car, home, office, even stockings dyed to match the Skin Tone in the Seasonal Color Harmony. I know of caskets and headstones that have been purchased that are on a loved one’s palette. Suzanne was quite a presence!


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