I’ve just had my colors done. Now what do I do?

During your palette appointment, you might have an initial revelation-of-recognition when you see your Colors come together for the first time.

As you live with your Colors, you will notice that you love certain ones and maybe ignore others. You might experience judgment of certain ones. Embrace some; perhaps reject some. This is normal.

When you try on clothes, LOOK. Look freshly at yourself. Notice how you feel. You will begin to see yourself with a newly concentrated focus when you are in your truest Colors.

You know this is not about rules. If it becomes about rules (“I can wear this. I can’t wear that.”), it goes dead. Experiment. Try it out. Come into the present moment when you look in the mirror. These are not your Colors to put on; they are your Colors that COME OUT.

Over time, your Colors will infuse into your life; through the clothes you wear, furniture you sit on, walls you paint. You move into an energetic sensitivity of all colors around you, and especially the ones that reflect your essence.

I’ve had my colors done somewhere else – and I don’t like my colors!

If you truly do not like your Colors – or if you don’t feel terrific wearing them – then they are probably not your Colors.

There is usually some kind of recognition during a palette session. Most people remember a favorite childhood shirt that turns out to be on their palette – or a favorite coat from High School that they wore to shreds.

When a Color is right, you will know it because it will LIGHT YOU UP. We do not want you to take our word for it or make rules about what you need to wear. We want you to experience your Colors for yourself. You’ll be able to see what your Colors do for you when you look in the mirror.

When you see it, it’s yours. That’s where the gift and the power is.

How can you put every person inside of only four Seasons?

Since every person is unique, every palette is unique. We start with the colors first, working from your skin, eyes and hair. Your Seasonal Harmony is not “assigned” to you. It is something that is revealed to all of us as we are doing your Colors, and it usually comes at the end of the appointment.

We do not “put you” in one of four Seasons. We are carefully trained (for years) to perceive how you express particular qualities, both in Color and Energy. There are countless, unique variations – and you are one of them.

What if I find out that I’ve been wearing all the wrong colors?

Almost everyone finds that they have some of their palette Colors in their closet. Those are the clothes that you always reach for; the t-shirt you can’t bear to throw out, the sweater that you’ve worn to rags.

Make the change gradually, letting go of clothes that don’t fit or are too old. It feels great to move the stagnant energy that ill-fitting/unflattering clothes hold. It feels even better to look into a closet that is full of Colors you love and that love you.

Seeing yourself in your Colors helps the process along. You realize how amazing you can really look and feel, which makes it easier to release the clothes that no longer suit you.

I just got my colors done. There is no blue or purple here! wtf!

First thing I’d like to say is that there are no rules about you wearing blue or purple. Of course you will wear them if you want to wear them. Most people are shocked when blue and purple are not on their palettes. 

We all may love the color when it is “out there” on a blouse — but when it enters the personal space, it will react and respond to the person it is on. It is the person who makes the Color what it is, not the other way around.

The Color Palette represent the Colors that resonate most highly with who you are. The evidence of this is in the mirror. When you wear one of the colors on your Palette, there is a quality that comes out in you. 

But, to be honest, when you wear Colors that aren’t in your Harmony, there will be something about your self that will not be shown – or seen.


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