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If it’s Cheap, it Better be FABULOUS.

I had a revelation while shopping with a client recently. With her Shopping Fan in hand, I had loaded the dressing room with clothes so she could hone-in on the Colors and Line-of-Design that most resonated with her.

It’s one thing to have your Colors done and to see them next to your face in the Color Lab. It’s a whole other level to see yourself wearing a garment that is perfect for you in every way. I wanted her to experience this next level.

She had made it clear to me before we started our shopping trip that she was on a major budget and would probably not be buying anything. She did most of her clothing shopping at thrift stores and didn’t like paying normal retail prices. No problem. One of the great gifts of knowing your Colors and Line-of-Design is that you can shop anywhere, from Goodwill to Gucci.

I took her to a local boutique that offers a great selection, so we’d have lots to try on. I noticed that when she tried something on that was not quite right, she would say, “Well, if this was 50% off, I would buy it.” There were several things she responded to in this way.

I knew her closet was filled with such items. There were cubbies and closet rods, from floor to ceiling, that were overflowing with pants, skirts, dresses and tops that were such a great deal – but not right for her. So, of course, she had nothing to wear.

Soon, she found a top that was glorious on her. The fit was right. The Color was superb. The Line-of-Design was perfect for her. When she put it on, she stood stunned. And I got shivers. It was all there. It was perfect.

Then, she looked at the price tag. The top was easily ten times what she usually spent on anything in her wardrobe. Her response? Wait for it: “I don’t care how much this top is. I have to have it!!!” Then she said, “If this top were twice this price, I would buy it!”


This is where my revelation came in.

When we say, “I’ll buy this because it’s such a great deal (even though we aren’t crazy about it),” we are in deep inner-self compromise-mode. We know it’s not right for us. But we are willing to wear this visual compromise because we’ll get it at a good price. The problem is, we don’t wear the price. We wear the clothes. In the end, we probably won’t wear it much. Which makes the whole thing a waste of money.

I thought, “What if we flipped it?” What if, instead of holding the bar-for-purchase at, “I’d buy this if it were cheaper,” we made the commitment to ourselves to only buy clothes that make us say this: “I’d move heaven and earth to own this! I’d buy this if it were ten times this price.” Whether it’s a $10 t-shirt at Target or a $500 sweater at Bloomingdale’s, it should thrill us. It should resonate. It should sing.

What message would this way of shopping send to your deep self? “I am worth looking like a million bucks. I only buy things that are amazing on me. If it’s cheap, it better be perfect. If it’s expensive, it’s gotta look fabulous.”


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