Hundreds of fabric swatches for color analysis.

Seasonal Line-of-Design – from Words to Wardrobe

Seasonal Line-of-Design is a vast and complex subject.


Within a Seasonal Color Analysis, we identify Color, Season and Line-of-Design. Each of these is a reflection of the other, and each is an essential part of the Seasonal Color Harmony.

Line-of-Design is the expression of your Color and Color Quality translated into clothing shapes and textures. Knowing your Line-of-Design is just as important as knowing your Colors.

During a consultation, we determine important adjectives called Focus Words. We study you very carefully to discover these words. The Focus Words are very specific. They describe your coloration and energy – and go further to translate into your style or Line-of-Design.

For example, a woman walked into the Color Lab. She was of medium height and had gray hair. Her eyes were a soft blue-green. As we spoke with each other, her voice was somewhat soft. When she walked, she moved at a leisurely pace and swayed a bit as she moved.

When I held swatches up to her, I watched for what the color did when it was next to her. I found that the colors that supported her the most were very subtle and complex. As she relaxed, I perceived that her energy and presence felt subtle and delicate. She was showing me that she was a Summer.

Sometimes the word subtle comes up while doing a Summer’s palette. It can come into the analysis in varying degrees, and can be a beautiful word for a Summer who may not be comfortable with his/her inherent, understated softness.

Let’s follow the Focus Words from adjectives to clothing.In Nature, we see subtlety in the colors here, as well as a blended quality in the clouds.

How would this translate into Line-of-Design for our Summer client? Here’s a few possibilities:

In these items of clothing, we see Subtle Delicate, Subtle Soft and Subtle Textural. Of course, we always take Body Signature, facial features and lifestyle into consideration as we hone in on the perfect Line-of-Design for a client, but this provides the general idea.

On another day, a man came for a Color Consultation. He was personable and handsome. His walk was a bit bouncy, had a lot of energy in it and he made funny comments which made us all laugh.

When I held swatches up to him, I saw that he brought out the gray tones in most colors  – and I saw that the gray did not match his lively energy. In fact, it seemed to drag him down. The colors that sparked him were fresh. When the colors had this quality, he lit up. For the moment, I landed on the words easy and fresh.

Next, let’s take a look at how the words easy and fresh might translate into his Line-of-Design.

Turns out, my client loves easy clothes and feels most comfortable in casual looks and in fresh colors. When I took him shopping, the first thing he picked out to try on was a pair of yellow pants! I bet you’ve guessed by now that he’s a Spring.

If Focus Words are right, we will find them everywhere in our client; in how he/she relates to Nature, in how he/she relates to the physical world, in the quality of the best Colors, and in his/her Line-of-Design (clothing, accessories, interiors, etc).

In our Next Level Style service, Focus Words are an essential tool we use to guide our clients to their best looks. When the words are right (and in good combination), they guide and inform choices in wardrobe, accessories, even home decor and beyond.

Through the Focus Words, there is an authentic congruence that shines through everything you surround yourself with. You are at home in Nature. You are at home in your clothing. You are at home in your home, in your office, in your garden. You shine. You glow. You spark. You beam. Without uttering a syllable.


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