About the SEASONS

First things first: 

Seasonal Color Analysis has taken a hit. The mass-marketing approach to Seasonal Color Analysis that started in the 1980’s has over-simplified a very specialized art form. Today, most of what is called “Seasonal Color Analysis” is not true to its roots.

When Suzanne Caygill created Seasonal Color Analysis, each color palette was made from individually chosen fabric swatches, from thousands of Colors. Each Color Palette was a unique work of art. When a client sat down to have her Colors done, nothing was pre-made or even pre-known. 

To receive a Season was a revelation to be explored, not a box to be limited by.

What do the Seasons mean? How do they inform the Colors?

The Seasonal designation is a broad category in which countless expressions exist. Think of all the days, in all the years, in all the centuries of time on the earth. That will give you a good idea of how many versions of Spring, or Summer, or Autumn or Winter there are…

Within each Season, the possible Color Harmonies are endless – and yet, each individual Harmony is rooted in its particular Season by a particular unifying quality in the Coloration.

The expert Seasonal Color Consultation is a way to harness a very large theme (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) and then uncover its unique expression within every single individual on this earth.

Knowing your Season is about having access to your truest expression. It is a personal recognition that your being is a unique expression of Nature. 

Your Seasonal Colors cannot come from a pre-made recipe. Because you are a unique human being, so will your Color Palette be. Your Colors, their texture, value and quality are specific to you – and, when done correctly, will have you feeling seated, settled and blessed inside your own skin. 


When the Color Palette is done well and received well, there is an experience of self-revelation, through Color.


Seasonal Color Palettes showing Seasonal Style, prints and line of design using Suzanne Caygill Method

Examples of Seasonal Color Harmonies in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

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In the right Colors, your Soul ignites.

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