The Winter Color Harmony is focused on white and black, highlighted by pure pigments that have very little diluting of colors. The Colors are vivid. They electrify with deep intensity. These colors are striking worn with neutrals. High contrasting colors are often worn in this Harmony. 

Winter Palette in Winter Colors with black bear, Winter interior design and Winter tuxedo

Classic Winter

Think about the sparkling stars in the sky like brilliant diamonds; the delicacy and purity of a snowflake; a tree of leafless branches silhouetted against a snowdrift; the depth of a silent Winter night.

Winter Color Palette with Winter style and snowy landscape

Prismatic Dynamic Winter

In choosing clothing, Winters look for ovals with a classic, smooth and sophisticated feel. They might try clothing that is relaxed, with controlled “S” curves. Winters often feel good in clothes that are well-defined, with clean lines. 

Winter landscapes translated into a dress, jacket and outfit

The Depth & Silence of Winter in Clothing

Winters tend to like Chiffon, Crepe, Swiss Cotton, Silk Jersey, Velvet, Angora, Suede, China Silk, Gabardine, Silk Crochet, Lace, Satin, Cashmere, Metallic Mesh and Fine Linen.

Winter snow and icicles turn into jewelry using the Caygill Method

Winter Elements, from Nature to Accessories

They are often not attracted to a lot of pattern. If they do find that they wish to wear a print, it might be abstracted in patterns that are marbleized, bold, symmetrical, simple and uncluttered. Look for high-contrasts in value and color, and things that look very modern.

Winter snow scenes translated into Winter Prints

Winter Moments turn into Winter Prints

Winters tend to avoid anything fussy, buoyant or flowery. They do not like a lot of “stuff.” 


Please Note: The Seasonal qualities and style suggestions listed here are generalities. While we do believe that each person’s resonance falls within one Season, we know that the complexities and unique personal expression cannot be defined by the broad strokes above. The styles above will not be worn by all Winters.


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In the right Colors, your Soul ignites.


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