“I was so impressed by the expert thoroughness of our consultation, and the amount of care and attention devoted to getting my palette exactly right – and that is indeed how it looks and feels, exactly right.

“I spent six years and a small fortune on a number of color and style analyses that gave me conflicting results and left me doubting whatever instincts I once had. I was put into every Season and had two custom palettes done that had nothing to do with one another. 

“There really is no point in wasting time and money on any other system or analyst. I truly cannot recommend Cathy Williams highly enough!”

Heather Dwyer – Fundraising Consultant

“I wish I had done this years ago!”

Georgia Olson | Real Estate Broker

“I went in cynical, but curious – since I had seen some of the benefits. It was worth every cent and minute I spent. Not only am I in and out of the stores in a couple of minutes, my closet is not full of unused clothing. The best part is that I feel fabulous in my store-bought second skin.”

Matthew Gannan

“I have heard such great things about Cathy’s work. I had been typed Spring, Winter and Summer by other Color Analysts who didn’t understand what Color Analysis really is.

After my expert Color Consult with Cathy, I finally have clarity. I know who I am. I love my colors!”                                                                                          

Laura Thompson | Sales Director

“I’ve been transformed through Cathy’s work and have witnessed a stunning metamorphosis in the clients with whom she consults.  Additionally, as a professional photographer, her work has taught me so much about why it’s critical for people to wear colors and styles that truly resonate with their being. Although you may initially seek Cathy for a color or styling consultation, know that working with her will bring about positive change in every area of your life.”

Suzanne Christine Lucas | Professional Photographer

“I cannot thank you enough for your expert color consultation. It was very affirming and liberating for me. I expected the consultation to be enlightening, but I did not anticipate being liberated by it. I feel I’ve been given permission to embrace important qualities about myself. I’ve shrugged off a lifetime of judgement. I’m free to be just who I am.

“Thank you for this tremendous, liberating gift.”                      

Jane Alexander

“I LOVE MY COLORS! I love my new clothes. I never knew shopping could be this fun. Working with Cathy Williams is changing my life.

Cathy’s wisdom, her intuitive and insightful way of seeing, is bringing great joy to my life. This is an experience everyone should have!”

Barbara Kaufman | Creativity Teacher

“The Color Analysis experience still echoes when I wear my new clothes. I feel I am more me — and that feels good.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Eve-Marie Elkin | LCAT & LMSW

“Getting my color palette done with Cathy Williams was an incredible experience. These colors totally revitalize me! I feel younger.”

Debbie Purdy | Workshop Facilitator

 “Cultivating a richly expressive and meaningful life can begin by getting your color palette done with Cathy. I highly recommend it!”                  

Kelli Neher | Life Coach

“Before my color consultation with Cathy Williams, people noticed my brightly colored clothing, but they didn’t notice me.

“I want everyone I know to experience this. If you have the chance to have Cathy do your colors – DO IT.”                             

Ann Percival | Musician & Artist

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 In the right Colors, your Soul ignites.


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