What Everybody Ought to Know about Seasonal Color Analysis

There are lots of color experts out there with lots of categoried names and numbers and identifiers of all kinds. We meet clients all the time who are struggling mightily to fit themselves into one of these categories. Certainly, categories can be clarifying…as long as they’re helpful. But beyond broad and general strokes, categories become oversimplified limiters.

Some color systems have expanded into 16 categories, some have more – the expanded number of categories only confuses the issue and makes it seem (since there are more categories) that every person is going to fit exactly into one set of Colors. There is no way that anyone can come up with any system that all people will fit into. Nature is not finite and finished. Nature does not create boxes or the people to fit into them. Nature expands as It creates. We are each part of that.

In the Caygill tradition, you belong to one Season – and…

The Four Seasonal categories are broad and general. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. They are not meant to define or limit you in any way.

In the Caygill method, there will be one Season that is home for you. But rather than put you in a pre-defined set of Colors, Seasonal Analysis looks to you. We look for what is authentically you at your essence level. We give you the Colors that support your inherent coloration, as well as your personal energy and expression. We know that, at your essence, you are harmonious with Nature and within yourself. Our goal is to reflect that profound and living Harmony through Color.



AND you are completely unique.

True Seasonal Analysis is limitless. Think of all the moments, in all of the Seasons, in all of time. That’s how many Seasonal variations there are – and there are more moments to come.

Here, at Seasonal Color Consultants, we are interested in what lights you up, what is already authentically true for you, what replenishes you. We are interested in giving you permission, through Color and Season to explore who you uniquely are.

It really comes down to this: You are way too grand, complex, divine, profound and amazing to be put in a category or box. We know you know this — so let’s get together and see if we can knock that lid right off.


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2 thoughts on “What Everybody Ought to Know about Seasonal Color Analysis

  1. Cathy Williams Post author

    Thanks for your comment, Denise. I love this approach, too. In this process, we go from macro to micro. The broad strokes come in the Seasonal typing, then we get very specific in the Color choices. That way, each person belongs in a color tribe AND is given a Color Harmony that is perfectly unique to them.


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