What REALLY goes on during a Color Analysis? So much more than you think…

What really goes on during a Color Analysis?
So much more than just matching Colors…


Color Analysis is an art form, as much as it is a science. It uses both creativity and technique. It is up to the expert Color Analyst to perceive, as accurately as possible, your unique relationship to your Colors, with respect to the artistic and the technical.

When a Color Consultant is choosing your Colors, she is carefully watching (what we call) the Quality of Color. 

The Quality of Color is more than just the technical aspect of Color, but the technical words are a helpful first step (tinted, shaded, muted, toasted, etc). Your Color Analyst will watch for these initially – and then will expand on the quality of the Color into other words, like “pretty,” “sweet,” “sharp,” “spicy,” “mellow,” “intense,” etc. When creating a Color Harmony from scratch, it becomes essential to “listen” for these other Color Qualities, as they will lead to the discovery of your Season and, eventually, your Line-of-Design.

Summer Colors, Seasonal Color Consultation, Suzanne Caygill
Furthermore, the Color Consultant is not necessarily always looking to “match” you with a Color. She is actually looking at the interaction between you and the Color. She is watching how you affect the Color when it comes up next to your face – and how the Color affects you. 
What does the Color do for you?

An expert Consultant will look at the specific aspects in you that the Color supports and enhances. For some, the Color highlights their softness. For others, the Color will strengthen their inherent dynamism. For others, we will see their freshness heightened. When the right Color is chosen, we see the true expression of the person revealed.

Seasonal Color Analysis, Summer Colors, Caygill Method

We are not interested in slapping a pre-determined parade of colors on you. What a jip that would be (for you and for us). We choose each Color separately and deliberately, making sure it is exactly right. We make sure each Color does its job, and is in alignment with your inner quality (what Suzanne Caygill called your Essence) and then, naturally, your outer expression.



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